Murder, rock climbing, eco-terrorism, corporate sabotage, and historical discovery drive the storyline in THE ELIXIR OF YOSEMITE.

Woody’s hero lay splayed in obtuse angles among the talus debris at the base of Cathedral Peak. Peeling his sweat-laden shirt from the granite cliff, Woody watched the mercenary’s moonlit silhouette slink back into a rock chimney toward the screams of his friends.

No one will think this was murder. We’re free soloing.

Woody Jackson, an awkward, but athletic teenager and his older crush Joy Cooper become snared in a grand plan to explode the dam that supplies all of the fresh water to San Francisco.

THE ELIXIR OF YOSEMITE is a page-turning, heart palpitating thriller based in real-life historic events that is sure to keep you on edge of the rock holding on for dear life.