Tahoe Dad: The Eating Season


It’s 6 a.m. on Saturday. A strange sound like a handful of pebbles splashing into water stirs me from slumber. “Dear? Are you awake? And eating something?”

“Ress, ughh.. gwhy?” Wifey mumbles with a mouthful of candy corns.

“It’s not even light out yet. Did you really just eat the whole bag?”

Wifey clears her throat. “It was only 43 cents at Kmart, Halloween clearance.”

Ah yes, it’s the eating season again. You know, the time of year beginning with the first bags of Halloween candy and lasting right through an overindulgent New Year’s Eve party. And if you have children, you also know that kids only exacerbate the effect.

“We shouldn’t let them eat all that Halloween candy should we?” Wifey asks while examining the overflowing plastic pumpkins once our kids have gone to bed.

“Of course not.”

“I’ll take the extra M&M’s. What do you want?”

And so it begins. Resistance is really futile. As soon as the last Halloween candy wrappers are inserted into trashcans, we’re stocking up on Thanksgiving food.

“Umm, Daddy?”

“Yes, Jane.”

“I learned a song!” Without any further prompting, Jane begins to belt out with accompanying hand gestures: “Gobble gobble goes the Turkey. Yummy, yummy pumpkin pie. Corn and mash potatoes! Cranberries, hey! It’s almost Thanksgiving day.”

Alright, so it is adorable. But it is also an ultimatum that Thanksgiving include all of those items on her cute little list.

“Sorry honey, we’re just going to do the gobble gobble this year and maybe a little corn on the side.”

“Actually?” Jane asks.

“No honey, we’ll have a big meal, don’t worry.”

And there’s the temperature and daylight all conspiring against us too. The body seems to say to itself, “It’s cold outside, better stock up.”

And don’t forget the conflagration of sports on television: the World Series, college and professional football, hockey, and basketball. Why go outside when you can drink a beer and watch someone else exercise?

Oh… and it seems like every office you walk into has a platter of some sugar-laced holiday treat. Snowman shaped ginger cookies? Sure, don’t mind if I do.

So should we parents just resign ourselves to poking another notch in our belts and upgrading our pant sizes for the next month or so?

I say, no!

Get outside and get active!

Dust off those baby joggers. Head over to M.I.L.F. Hill a.k.a. the Old Meyers Grade up Echo Pass.

Breathe deep the crisp fall air as you grind up and down Corral Trail.

Ski season is fast approaching and the eating season will not be the undoing of all our hard summer activity.

Seize the season!

“Hey dear…” Wifey interrupts my manifesto.


“I got suckered into buying those fundraiser frozen cookies again.”

“You do realize that I’m just going to eat the cookie dough like last year?” I say while opening up the box.

“No stop. We’ll bake them. Do you really have to eat them now?”

“Ress, ughh… gwhy?” I mumble with a mouthful of frozen cookie dough goodness.


The Eating Season: Don’t

  1. Buy clearance K-Mart candy corn crack. The main ingredient is red dye #7.
  2. Start thinking about T-Day until you have to.
  3. Get suckered into buying frozen cookie dough. Who needs that?
  4. Grab holiday treats at every desk and counter.


The Eating Season: Do

  1. Buy clearance K-Mart candy corn crack. Who cares about red dye #7?
  2. Sign up for a Turkey Trot or something. Get out there and get some fresh fall oxygen in those lungs.
  3. Learn the words to every holiday song the kids sing around the house.
  4. Indulge in moderation, is that even possible?