ACL Rupturing Backcountry Bliss

Well, I really did it this time. Call me irresponsible, wanna-be ski-god, inconsiderate of those around me, grandeur-delusional, or just a simple knucklehead. I deserve it. It was all going fantastic too. Our son, 6-year-old Michael and a tough little kindergarten friend of his both made it to the top of Waterhouse Peak! Really, in […]

Skiing as a Family

Skiing as a Family   “Daddy, I can get off the lift by myself?” “OK Jane, I won’t help, I promise,” I tell my 4-year-old as Sky Express zooms high above frozen trees and rock outcroppings. “No!” Jane wiggles away from me and toward the edge of her seat. “Don’t put your arm behind me!” […]

Finding Balance on the Tahoe Rim Trail

It’s 6:45AM and 31 degrees at the TRT (Tahoe Rim Trail) Mount Rose to Spooner Summit Trailhead. I’m in running shoes and what amounts to a spandex male leotard, pounding out the final head-lamp illuminated miles of an odyssey that started in May. Admittedly, it was a bit ambitious, but we felt like we could […]

Bears in Tahoe

Tahoe Dad: Bears in Tahoe   “Hey, do you guys want to see Mr. Bear?” our neighbor inquired. “What? There’s a real live bear?” Wifey responded. “Right there.” Our neighbor thumbed nonchalantly over his shoulder. That was over ten years ago when we were newbies to Tahoe and had only really seen bears in artificial […]

Reflections on the Passing of Chessie

Reflections on Chessie – A Great Tahoe Dog   Our lab-retriever mutt of nearly 18 years passed away last fall. It was way past her time, but that tired expression feels hollow—inadequate in comparison to her affection for our family. Chessie saw us through deaths and births; she comforted the old and brought joy to […]

The Loud Family

Being a Loud Family   I’ve come to an important realization recently: we’re loud. That’s right. We are “that” family: the loud ones. Maybe it’s a simple byproduct of having two children close in age who constantly compete for attention from Wifey and me. Or maybe it has to do with Wifey and me being […]

Getting Gritty

Getting Gritty and Getting Ready for Kindergarten       Grit. I was listening to a podcast talking about grit as being a key factor in whether or not a child succeeds in life. Seems funny, right? Aptitude, scholastic priming, and IQ all pale in comparison to your ability to tough it out, to be gritty. […]

Ode to Snow

Ode to Snow   “Daddy, why is it raining?” Michael asks as I stare in disbelief out the window. “It should be snowing, shouldn’t it?” I respond. “I miss the snow.” “Me too, buddy. Me too.” Jane walks into the conversation, “We should drink some hot chocolate to help it snow.” “Yeah!” Michael enthusiastically concurs. […]

I’m in it for the Rollercoaster

  So my son nearly poked my eye out tonight. We were happily playing Legos, arranging small primary colored cars and rebuilding a Lego house after some younger sister destruction. Michael was holding a rigid white fire engine ladder in his right hand. I suppose he was excited to show me something when he gestured […]


A friend of mine recently indicated that the term “Wifey” that I’ve been using in these columns could be construed as derogatory toward women. “Yeah, maybe. It was my wife’s idea though,” I respond. “That doesn’t change anything for me,” my friend shrugs. “I don’t call my wife that and she wouldn’t like it if […]