A friend of mine recently indicated that the term “Wifey” that I’ve been using in these columns could be construed as derogatory toward women. “Yeah, maybe. It was my wife’s idea though,” I respond. “That doesn’t change anything for me,” my friend shrugs. “I don’t call my wife that and she wouldn’t like it if […]

Politics and Santa

Christmas this year experienced a brief but poignant political detour. Somewhere between Kentucky bourbon-filled chocolates and helping Michael and Jane construct elaborate and non-age-appropriate Lego monstrosities, we did it. Our family actually made a point of having a small, but substantive political debate. For the first time in recent memory it was civil too. No […]

The iPad Babysitter

Over the holidays Wifey and I made a pact. “I’ll do it if you do it,” I raise one eyebrow conspiratorially. “OK,” Wifey takes a deep breath and holds down one finger on her iPhone. “It’s done. Goodbye facial bookers.” “My turn,” I duplicate the process and follow it up by throwing my head back […]

Elf in the Trash

“Alright Elf.” I stare defiantly up at the top of the refrigerator where our Elf on a Shelf recently took up residence. “It’s time we had a little talk. These nightly trips of yours to the North Pole, I resent holding it over my kids’ heads.” The Elf just stares vacantly back with those conspiratorial […]