The Eating Season

Tahoe Dad: The Eating Season   It’s 6 a.m. on Saturday. A strange sound like a handful of pebbles splashing into water stirs me from slumber. “Dear? Are you awake? And eating something?” “Ress, ughh.. gwhy?” Wifey mumbles with a mouthful of candy corns. “It’s not even light out yet. Did you really just eat […]

The Snow Took Your Shorts

The Snow Took Your Shorts “Sorry buddy, the snow took your shorts.” “Aw, Dad.” “Yeah, you’ll have to wait until spring when all the snow melts.” “OK.” Sniff… sniff. Michael, our four year-old, loves wearing shorts, specifically, “soft shorts.” It is generally a battle royale to get him to wear anything else. The line that […]