Don’t Underestimate Halloween

Upon first moving to South Lake Tahoe, we rented a small place in a neighborhood surrounded by vacation rentals and steep streets. The resulting Halloween trick-or-treater turnout was not very impressive. “I guess Halloween isn’t that big of a deal in Tahoe,” Wifey said as we chowed down on the surplus candy. Like many aspects […]


Murder, rock climbing, eco-terrorism, corporate sabotage, and historical discovery drive the storyline in THE ELIXIR OF YOSEMITE. Woody’s hero lay splayed in obtuse angles among the talus debris at the base of Cathedral Peak. Peeling his sweat-laden shirt from the granite cliff, Woody watched the mercenary’s moonlit silhouette slink back into a rock chimney toward […]

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…

“Daddy, why are they locking the street?” my three-year old daughter, Jane asks as I pull onto the shoulder and execute an eight-point U-turn to head back toward the not so well-designated detour. Because they’re blundering, inconsiderate, pain-mongers… Because they enjoy inflicting havoc on our daily lives… Because they want to tear up our neighborhood […]